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Why are some not healed?

July 31, 2012

The only explanation you’ll find in the bible is from Mat17 Mark 9. The problem is weak faith in the healer [oligopistia] or in some manuscripts unbelief [apistia]. This unbelief is like the father in the story – Lord I kind of believe (I believe you can do it for other people in other places or at other times, but I am struggling to believe that you can do it right here right no for me). So the meaning of apistia is very close to oligopistia – a weak though willing faith.

Jesus’ offered solution in Mark is prayer – ie bring the boy to Jesus which is what they had done. I haven’t quite figured out how that works for us, as is seems that the prayer still requires the faith that I lacked.

The solution given by Jesus is having the right kind of faith. Faith like a mustard seed. That means faith that may start small, but it is a living growing faith that puts down roots to take nourishment from the soil and leaves to photosynthesise energy from the Son [of God} and grows into a sapling and in time into a strong tree. [Parable of the mustard seed].

This is the only explanation the Holy Spirit chose to put in the bible. The only occasion where this question is asked in the bible. So, though the answer may be unpalatable to some or seem incomplete to others, I cannot find any further explanation in the bible, so I reject all the other answers given.

All of that being said, there were times when it was the faith of the sick person that healed them, not Jesus’ faith. So clearly the faith of the sick person has a part to play. I do suspect that fears or unbeliefs in the sick person could be pulling in the opposite direction of our faith as healers, making it more difficult for us to get the healing into them.

For example, if a person is drowning, thrashing around trying to save themselves, and a lifeguard comes up to save them, the drowning person needs to relax and entrust themselves to the lifeguard.

If they do not, they may prevent the lifeguard getting hold of them to save them.

If the sick person does not trust the healer or has fears about the healing process or what may happen if they’re not healed – or healed, maybe that makes it harder to get them healed.

This opinion has been formed from personal experiences plus stories I have heard told by others.

I put this thought forward like Paul did – I do not say it is from the Lord. It is my opinion, and I think I have some wisdom in it.

Why does it work that when someone is told they need to forgive in order to get healed, healing gets released to them following forgiveness?

I think that it is NOT the forgiving that makes a difference. It is the faith released in the sick person who believes that when they do this they will be healed.

Curry Blake teaches that it is not the method that matters, but faith. Wigglesworth had faith in the method of punching out devils. I say others have faith in the method of looking for roots. They find a root and then faith for healing is released.