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Does God use Christians to heal the sick?

September 24, 2013

If we say yes, what exactly do we mean?

If I ask you to make a cup of coffee for someone, and you do, who made it? You. Can it be said that you used me to make the coffee? Well, not without some linguistic gymnastics that will make the one claiming it look extremely foolish.

We have three parties. The one who will do the work (A), the one who Makes the request (B) and the one who drinks it (C) So, if the A says to the B, ‘Please ask me to make a cup of coffee’, in what circumstances, if any, can the request be said to be such a part of the making that the A says ‘I used the request of B to make the coffee’. The whole proposition seems doomed to foolishness, unless we suggest that there is some protocol that prevents A acting without the formal request of B.

Whilst I am convinced that God has chosen to put man in charge of this earth, to rule over all of it and all things on it (Gen 1:26,28), I cannot quite conceive that God is totally prevented from any and all action in the absence of our prayer.

To come back to the coffee, even if the request were in some way required, it is highly unlikely that A would claim that he used B (as opposed to the request of B) to make it.

My conclusion is that one could claim that God uses our prayers to free Himself from His self imposed straight jacket, but to say He uses us to heal the sick it really total nonsense.

Can anyone who believes otherwise explain in the context of the coffee, how it is that A used B?

Acts 3:12 following the healing of a crippled beggar, Peter asks ‘Men of Israel, why are you staring at us as if by our own power of holiness WE have made him walk?’

Note that here Peter claims that it was they who did it, not God. Peter goes on to say that they did it it he name of Jesus, but again, he clearly fails to say that it was Jesus who did it.

In verse 16, Peter expands that it was His name that made the man strong -specifically by faith in Hs name, so again it was the two men who used the faith and thus did it. In the same verse it goes on to say that it was the ‘faith that is through Jesus’ that healed the man. Who had this faith? Peter and John. So we conclude that it was they who did it and the method they used was faith in Jesus’ name. What did the faith do? It released the healing work that Jesus had already done when He was whipped and by Hs stripes they were healed Ps 53.

Now, if I go to the hairdressers and get a haircut, it is clear that the scissors did cut my hair. But…will I recommend the scissors or the stylist? I think all normal people will agree that the stylist does the work and the scissors are used by the stylist.

So the final conclusion has to be that Peter and John used God to heal the sick, rather than the other way around.