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The EU Partnership – do we really want this kind of relationship?

February 25, 2016

Consider a marriage relationship where the husband acted in certain ways towards his wife.

  1. More and more demands – hundreds each years on exactly how she must behave.Punishments/fines if she fails to comply.
  2. If she expresses a wish to do something he disagrees with she is told to think again and not do it.
  3. She is given small financial rewards as long as she obeys.
  4. The wealth she had before the marriage is stripped for the benefit of her husband.
  5. The man does so many things that she really doesn’t like but she has to put up with them.
  6. If she says she may consider a divorce he makes it clear she’ll pay a heavy price and he’ll ensure she suffers. He will break off relations with her, or only help her at great cost.


  1. EU directives – more and more red tape.
  2. Ireland voted no in a referendum and were told to have another vote – which had to be yes.
    Greece voted for a government against EU austerity and they were forced to accept the austerity package.
    When Italy’s government stood up to the EU they sacked it and put their man in unelected as President.
    When France voted against the constitution in a referendum, the constitution was renamed the ‘Lisbon [it’s not a constitution, honest guv!] Treaty’ and imposed on the French with no further democratic vote.
    Need I go on?
  3. There are grants to certain groups in the UK, but nowhere near the level that we pay in to the EU.
  4. Common Fisheries policy allows European fishermen to rape our ‘sovereign’ [illusory sovereignty according to Cameron] waters destroying our fishing fleets.
  5. The in crowd tell us there is much wrong with the EU – it’s frustrating and difficult, but we have to accept the rough with the smooth and work to make it better.
  6. We have all the scare stories of how the EU won’t trade with us if we leave and we’ll lose commerce jobs etc.

Frankly, if a woman was in a relationship like ours with the EU it would be classed abusive and everyone would want the woman to get strong, stand up to her abuser and leave. A weak fearful woman cannot face this and feels trapped. A strong woman – or one pushed that bit too far will try to leave –┬ábut history is littered with wives who have tried to leave and not been able to bear the consequences.

Personally I’d rather be poor and free [sorry Cameron – have an illusion of freedom] that wealthy but controlled and trapped.