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Being filled with the Spirit

January 2, 2014

Jesus said the Spirit was given Him to do the works of Luke 4:18-19, which summarise his mission to do good and bring the Kingdom of Heaven onto this earth. He said that he sends us in exactly the same way the Father sent Him in John 20:21.

And in John 7:38 he said that all of us who believe will have rivers of living water – the Holy Spirit flowing out of our heart. The purpose of this flowing has to be for us to bring the Kingdom, doing Luke 4:18-19 as this is the only purpose Jesus said the Spirit was given him. And clearly, as the Spirit flows out of us as rivers, we are filled.

So is it not the case that it will be as we fulfil our purpose and go out to take the Kingdom that we will be baptised in the Spirit, from within us, not filled with what we lacked, but filled with what we have already been given.