Can sins be a blockage to healing

Many teach that when someone is not healed, it is often due to unconfessed sin, or harbouring unforgiveness against another. Can this be true, when Jesus never required either as a precondition for healing? I say no, but I must get my theology from the bible, so here goes.

Contrary to what many believe of me, I am fixated on knowing what is true and have no problem with changing my theology when I find I was in error. Since 2009, when I heard Steve Thompson preach a message about how Satan is called Leviathan, the twisting serpent, and how he twists scripture to turn truth into falsehood, my beliefs have changed beyond all recognition.

So I have been thinking about the question of how it is that when you take people through forgiveness of others or confessing, rejecting and turning from sins, they are healed. My problem with this is that Jesus never did it. And, the one time in the gospel someone is not healed, the disciples ask Jesus what the problem was. He does not point to either of the above but in Mark says this kind only comes out by prayer (fasting was added in later versions, but not the original) or in Matthew He says the problem was the disciples (ie the healer’s) weak or puny faith/unbelief.

But I have linked this thought to the story of the paralysed man let down through the roof. The man does not get to speak, so clearly has not confessed any sins. Jesus unilaterally and unconditionally forgives his sins prior to healing the man. Maybe the sin was a blockage here. We do not know and can only speculate. But if it were, Jesus’ way was for Him (the healer) to pronounce unilateral forgiveness, not to ask the man to confess.

Paul says in Rom 8:31-32 If God is for us who (Greek tis which can also mean what) can be against us? [So this could be saying is God is for us, can sin be against us – answer an emphatic no].  Paul goes on to say:  He who did not spare his own Son but gave him up for us all, how will he not also with him graciously give us all things?

Not some things, but all things. John 10:10 makes it clear that ‘all’ here must mean things of life, not things that kill steal and destroy. So, healing being a ‘thing’ it is covered by this verse. It says we are given it graciously, ie by and with grace, and it is freely given us with Jesus, not conditionally given depending on our confession or forgiveness of others.

2 Cor 5:19 tells us that in Christ God was reconciling the world to himself, not counting their trespasses against them. If God is not counting the unsaved’s trespasses against them, by definition they cannot be a blockage to healing. And if so for the unsaved, does God really begin counting them the moment you are saved. How about all your sins that you have done since saved either forgotten or not recognised as sin? We can never confess all of them. Is God selective, withholding the healing paid for by Jesus when he was whipped Is53 due to certain selected ones? That is simply nonsense.

Jesus became sin for us in order that in Him be may become the righteousness of God. 2 Cor 5:21. We are permanently seated with Jesus in heavenly places Eph 2:6. If sin is an issue at any given time, we cannot concurrently be seated in heaven with Jesus.

In John 20:22 Jesus gives us the authority to forgive anybody (believer or not) their sins and equally the authority to withhold forgiveness. Jesus never did the latter, so we too should not – be we can and often do. Is that what is happening here with the healing ministers? Are they withholding a forgiveness that God had given and only releasing the sick person following their confession? It would explain why people have to confess and forgive to get healed!


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