The place of persistence in healing ministry

Sometimes persistence is needed when healing does not come so quick. Check Mat 8:24. Jesus spits on a blind man’s eyes, lays hands on him and asks ‘Do you see anything?’ Answer – I see men like trees walking – in other words I have vision but without focus – a partial healing.

Word of Faith teaching would say that Jesus here acted in unbelief!!!! Because the ‘correct’ answer would be for Jesus to tell the man to ‘confess’ a full healing. WOF does not allow a second ‘prayer’ or action. Jesus broke WOF rules here! Jesus did not make a positive confession. He accepted that the man WAS NOT FULLY HEALED.

May I make a plea that when people are not healed, we follow Jesus’ example, not WOF or similar doctrine. According to Jesus, the man was not healed when he was still partially blind. So don’t go around say sick people are already healed, or were ‘healed 2000 years ago’.

Accept, like Jesus did, that they are NOT healed and DO like Jesus did – treat a second time.

Now, Jesus with perfect full grown mustard TREE faith, acted twice. I think therefore we can reasonable expect sometimes to have to act more than twice.

As an example, consider hammering a nail into a wall. The strength and skill of the builder are key to how quickly this nail will go in. So is the weight of the hammer! If the wall is particularly resistant, one may have to hit the nail dozens of times.

I was in a slate mine in North Wales recently. They had to drill holes by hand to place dynamite to get the slate out.

Some holes would take an average 4 hours of solid work to finish, but bigger ones would be 10-12 hours.

Five minutes into the process, progress would be almost impossible to measure and they could give up saying this is having no effect. But it was having a small effect. Persistence in the correct method produced eventual results.

With modern tools and machinery, the same job can now be done in a fraction of the time.

So when you have ministered and think you see no change, it may just be that you cannot measure the change.

Of course, to return to the nail analogy, it does matter that you are hitting the nail! Persistence will not help if you keep missing the nail. And if you are using a screwdriver instead of a hammer, persistence will not help. So it is best to ask the Holy Spirit if you’re using the right tool for the job.

As an example from my ministry experience, I had a woman come to our booth at a New Age Fair. Her problem was back pain. So the first thing I did was check her legs. One was about 3/4″ short/long. So I commanded it to grown. NOTHING. Again. Nothing. So I asked another of the team to help me. Again nothing!

So I got them to stand up, laid hands on the back an commanded healing. Pain reduced. I them got them to sit down again. Legs were still uneven. I commanded growth and almost instantly the leg grew out.

So it seemed that there was an issue to deal with in the back to release the leg to grow,

Later that day another person came with back pain. This time I started on the back. NOTHING. I tried everything that usually works. Nothing. So then I got them to sit. Uneven legs, so I grew out the short leg. It responded quickly and easily.

When she stood up, her pain was a lot less and a command of healing finished the job.

So on this occasion it was the uneven legs that had to be dealt with first!

In both instances I think it would have been pointless ‘persisting’ with the initial treatment.

Conclusion. If one thing isn’t working, try something else. And if all else fails, ask the Holy Spirit to show you how to treat the condition!



3 Responses to “The place of persistence in healing ministry”

  1. Please Jesus Says:

    Excellent blog! I thought I would drop a quick note and make this suggestion. The electricians in Auckland are the best.

  2. Barry McDermid Says:

    Thanks for this. The 2 stories of growing the legs out are so helpful. I too have seen legs grow out easily then a different person and no response. Great idea praying for the back first. I like the fact you believed healing was 100% available. You just had to find out how to apply it in that situation.

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