Can we have ‘great faith’

Mat 8:5-13 and Mat 15:21-28

I’ve heard it taught that the faith was ‘great’ because they were not people of the Covenant.That we just have faith and whatever faith we have is enough. That there’s no such thing as ‘great’ faith for a Christian.


But – does this teaching stack up with the scripture that it comes from?

Mat 8:10 says:

Truly, I tell you, with no one in Israel have I found such faith.

Now, if the kind of faith Jesus refers to hear is predicated upon not being part of the people of Israel, then by definition none in Israel COULD have it. So, why does Jesus make this apparently meaningless comment – unless it is possible also for a member of the covenant to have great faith?

So, I suggest that this teaching is rather poorly thought through. Please think again people.


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