next Uganda mission / healing report

I am writing to report to your office on the activities that I managed to do during the above dates.
10-12 June
These dates i conducted healing ministry in back to foundation Kyerima. 40 men and 43 women managed to attend the seminar which made to 83 people. Among 83 people who attended 30 people were pastors, 30 were elders and 23 were youth pastors. This seminar was for leadership training but Pastor Fred Makubuya called me to introduced healing ministry and to train it to the leaders who attended.
I was given a lot of period to train the leaders healing ministry and I handled “the authority and power to heal the sick we were given by Jesus and also the healing principals.
After going though that, I ministries to the sick who were in the meeting to confirm the leaders the power of healing the sick we were given long time ago. 30 leaders were sick as they are categorized below:
2 Pastors were shortsighted, 9 had headache problem, 12 leaders had unequal legs with back pain problem, 4 leaders had stomach pain and 3 leaders had malaria.
-All the 30 people got healed and the leaders were so amazed when they saw immediate healing and miracles happening.
-All the Pastors attended invited me with a request to go to their churches to train their people healing ministry and also to minister to the sick.
16-18 June
These dates I conducted healing ministry in mulago hospital with a team of people from anti York Christian centre and others from inter Christian born again international ministries.
16 June
-This date we proceeded to 4A ward which accommodates patients of kidney problem with symptoms like swollen stomach, stomach pain and body weakness. This date we managed to minister to 70 patients and 60 confirmed that stomach pain have completely gone and many started to regain energy In the way of doing what they were not able to do before like sitting for along time like an hour and walking around.

-This date we conducted healing in 4B and 4C cancer institute ward. These wards accommodate patients of cancer and HIV/Aids. The patients had a verity of symptoms like headache, chest pain, nonstop coughing, back pain, vomiting and bad smelling.
We managed to minister to 100 patients and 60 confirmed got healed because of their symptoms left, 20 patient’s chest pain, headache and nonstop coughing stopped.
-This date we went to 5B maternity ward and labor ward. We ministered to 80 women 60 were operated child birth and 20 were under labor pain. 60 got healed of headache and pain in the c-section. 20 were told by the doctor that they are going to be operated but after ministry, they have confirmed me on the phone that Sunday evening 13 of them gave a natural birth.
From 16-18 June we managed to ministry to 250 patients and 213 confirmed got healed.
-The healing team has managed to receive confidence of the work after being taken to minister to patients with different problems.
-The healing team from anti York christain center has decided to visit mulago hospital every Thursday and Sunday evening.
-The healing team from inter Christian born again international ministries have decided to visit mulago hospital every Saturday.


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  1. Matthew Hudghton Says:

    Awesome! Praise God! that really cool!

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