Romans 7 – written to christian or pre-christian.

I say this part of Romans is written to the same people as the rest of it – by definition Christians.

Some of us are mature christians who know the truths of who we are and that we’re free from law. We know that our old man was crucified with Jesus etc.

However, I was a christian for most of my life whose experience was Romans 7, but I never got the truth of Romans 8 that is the solution for christians living in Romans 7.

When you claim that Romans 7 is not about christians, you’re living in a superior ‘holier than thou’ attitude that refuses to acknowledge the fact that many honest christians have been so badly taught that they live like this.

I don’t believe Paul lived that way. I believe he was doing what he said in 1 Cor 9:20 – to those under the law, I became as as one under the law.

Christians can live under the law – most do. They can live as carnal people of the flesh – many or most do. Paul was becoming as one of them to help them, even though he wasn’t that.

So I plead with you mature christians out there who know the truth – stop being so up yourselves with your maturity. An infant, immature Christian is defined by Paul in 1 Cor 3:1 as a carnal one. One living as a person of the flesh, not the spirit. Paul taught those believers lovingly and sternly.

It’s a fact that we have to take hold of by faith that which God has provided by grace. Many christians, not knowing that they have been made righteous live under the law. They live by the flesh and become again slaves to sin. I was a slave to pornography for many years of adult life, whilst a christian.

Let’s start getting real with those who need the truth. Let’s become wise like Paul. In 1 Cor 3:1 he explains that he has much meat he wants to speak to them, but they are not ready for it, so he gives them milk.

Stop trying to force feed babies with meat that they cannot handle.


2 Responses to “Romans 7 – written to christian or pre-christian.”

  1. Esteban Young Says:

    Jeremy, please read this. I really would like to know how you respond to this.

    • jeremypenwarden Says:

      Hello Esteban

      I think that’s an excellent article and it’s saying more or less the same as me.

      I’ve said that Paul is empathising with believers who feel like Paul is describing and taking them from where they are to where Jesus has put them.

      I think that many genuine Christians who’ve been badly taught live their lives like Romans 7 instead of Romans 8.

      So I’d say it’s empathetic, not figurative. Where we’re totally agreed is that Paul is clearly NOT talking about his personal current experience of walking with Jesus.

      I think I said somewhere in my piece that Paul said – I become all things to all men in order by all means to save some. Romans 7 is Paul becoming weak and subject to sin in order to help those who feel that they are.

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