Why is intimacy over service a problem?

We are rooted and established in love FOR works. Jesus made it clear that he EXPECTS works from us. James made it clear that faith without works is dead.

We get all these messages saying ‘we were made for intimacy, not service’. Or the Westminster Shorter Catechism question 1.

Everyone applauds because it sounds so right.

Then christians spend their lives in worship meetings and worship conferences and 24/7 prayer and ‘protesting’ outside abortion clinics with tape on their mouths and saying that they’re ‘called to be worshippers, intercessors and prayer warriors’.  Spending hours ‘soaking’.

Thinking that because intimacy is their primary purpose, they have done all they need to do. They quote Martha and Mary, forgetting the critical part of the story – that Jesus had a word to bring and Martha was too busy to hear his word. It wasn’t some vague ‘being in his presence’. Jesus has a message for Martha – was specifically wanting to speak to her – and she wandered off, too busy to listen.

So, YES, I want to provoke. This nonsense needs breaking because it excuses people from doing what they are truly called to by leaving fake religious super-spiritual ‘callings’.


One Response to “Why is intimacy over service a problem?”

  1. Jonathan Yeong Says:

    Hmm… Interesting points Jeremy and i agree your stance against 24/7 prayer.

    However I have a bit of a different take on this:

    When a person becomes saved – he doesnt automatically go into works . When a person becomes saved, He has had a revelation of God’s grace and character – which is the beginning of intimacy.

    So yes to do the works one has to have intimacy.

    An employee cannot do an employer’s commands unless He knows what he is supposed to do or what it has been revealed to him.

    When James said “Faith without works is dead”, he was actually saying that a genuine faith in the Lord will lead to a lifestyle of producing good works.

    I agree Jeremy that we are to do good works and to expand the Kingdom of God but just like any believer, they cannot give what they have not received. A person who has union with the Lord knows what the Father’s will is and will do it.

    We cannot do the will of the Father if we dont know the father….

    With Knowledge comes application – and this too applies in this scenario. With Intimacy comes works and a lifestyle of righteousness.

    Eh….I hope I am making sense and I hope this helps.

    Love and Blessings,

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