Kampala, Uganda hospital Monday 11th April

David and I went to the hospital today at around 3PM. On our way to the labour ward we were able to remove a lot of the pain from a man who had fallen from his motorbike.

At the labour ward we started going around the beds. Following the first woman who said she was fine, we started meeting women who had c-section births. We stayed there for a good four hours. It is a very big hospital and there must be 100+ women in the maternity unit. We guess that we ministered to upwards of 40 people while there – maybe as many as 50. To the best of our recollection most who asked for prayer were totally healed of their pain or sickness and the rest all received healing to a substantial measure.

Some of the ladies with c-sections weren’t allowed to move much, so we couldn’t test their healing beyond being pain free when lying down. But a fair number were even able to get out of bed pain free. We were asked to pray for a number of babies who were in the special care unit, but were not allowed to go in there so do not know how or if those babies improved.

Only a few there had had a natural birth. The conditions are fairly basic. There is very little modesty in there! Many were so shocked to find that their pain had gone. On our way to the second ward we came upon someone who had a c-section the previous day. She was almost instantly fully healed as soon as I laid hands on her and she went into the ward telling people about the miracle of her healing and sending sick people out to us.

So we had a crowd gather around us for a while and as fast as we could get them healed, more came to us.

A girl of around 11 suffering from asthma felt much better and went for a run up and down the stairs and around the building. She came back a bit out of breath, but with no asthma symptoms and said she couldn’t run like that before. Someone with diabetes and high blood pressure felt ‘something leave her body’ and electricity flowing in her. We think she was fully healed, but have no medical confirmation. There were others with heart disease who felt great improvement and also various leg, joint headaches and other pains.

One of the ladies was in an RTA – probably fell off a motorbike taxi [boda boda] so had many pains and injuries on her left side – neck shoulders etc. Most of that was healed as well as her c-section pain.

Let’s say 98% of those who wanted help were 80+% healed and as best we could test, 80% or more fully healed.

Right at the end there was a christian relative watching as we healed a patient, so I shared with her how she too could heal the sick, then I called her to minister to the woman in the next bed. She rather panicked and said she didn’t know what to do! I assured her that I would show her. She was really surprised when all the woman’s pain left. The last patient had her sister with her reading a bible. So I told her that the bible she was reading said she could heal the sick and got her to heal her sister. Total healing again.

As a disclaimer I should say that we didn’t pray or fast or ask for God to ‘come’ or any other religious thing before we went. We simply went and did the works of Jesus. We already had them so needed nothing extra from God.


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