Uganda April 2011 visit day 1

Sunday 3 April

Arrived on overnight flight. Steve collected us and we returned to Kampala to his home. Then off to the church. Fred shared, then I spoke for a while and then we ministered to the sick.

Fred ministered to three babies, one with malaria. Not sure of the outcome, we’ll find out next week. Sissy, a local girl ministered to three ladies all of whom were healed. She got them involved in ministering to each other. No further details right now.

David, my translator, and I had a man who had a persistent cough for 4-5 years. Must have been some kind of minor damage in his larynx that was aggravated by the cough. Anyway, it went almost instantly and he felt much better. I then checked his arm length in case there may be a link. His left arm was a little short so I commanded it to grow and it grew out to an inch longer than his right.

A young girl about 7 years old came with stomach pain. It had been there for a day and when she had it before it would last 3-4 days. It left instantly.

Then we commanded the right to grow and it went out to be an inch longer than the left. And then we brought the two to line up. He felt some stuff going on in his upper body at the time. Then checked his legs and grew out the left. Testing his cough he feels that he’s cured.

There was a lady who had burned her leg with an iron and had an inch long wound. It didn’t heal up but all the pain left and she could touch it without pain. She had some kind of skin problem on her lower legs, being dry and itching. The itching was also cured. Pious, another from the church here then grew her left leg out a good half inch. Following this she declared that now she felt balanced when she stood and walked – whereas before she has always felt a little lopsided.

Then Pious asked for help with sinus pain. Fred ministered to him and all the pain left.

A reasonable mornings start to the visit.

The balance of the day we spent recovering from the flight and fellowshipping with our friends.

Tonight we went out for about an hour to the shops near home. Met a lady who was healed last time of long term stomach ulcers and got a couple more healed – one lady with pain going from her shoulder all down her arm. She had a little pain left in her shoulder – hopefully that will clear up in the next day or so. Prayed blessings on a few.


Off to bed now


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