Litmus test for New Covenant compliance

One of theNew Covenant litmus tests for any teaching is the question 

Does this speak of a finished work of Jesus or of a started work that we have to finish?

To be New Covenant truth, the answer must alwasy be a finished work.

A second will be:

Is this

1. Something I already have but just didn’t know it. Therefore I get to benefit from it by faith and/or renewing my mind.

2. Something I lack that I can get if I do the right things or be given by another who has it and is offering to pass it on (impartation).

In the New Covenant we lack NO good thing.

So any so-called anointing that can be ‘imparted’ cannot be from God. It is either nothing or from devils.

A classic case is the modern ‘healing anointing’ that some claim to have. They call it a transferrable anointing and offer to give it to you by laying on of hands. This does not exist in the New Covenant. BEWARE.


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