What happened to our sins?

I have spoken previously about how the greek aphiemi is mis-translated forgive. Correctly is means to send away.

So all the sins of all the world were sent away 2000 years ago by Jesus. They were hoovered up by God from all of time and put on Jesus. He then took them down though death into the pit of hell and left them there.

Everyone on this planet today, like the prodigal son, is in a state of forgiven by God and reconciled to Him. 2 COr 5:19-21 clearly states this 1 John 2:2 is another verse. I can quote many more by that is not my message for this post.

Had the prodigal not returned, he would have died forgiven by still estranged. Those who die without believing in Jeus and accepting the free gift of reconciliation will reside in hell. Who knows that there may be some who never heard the gospel and will be judged by God according to their response to the revelation they did have. I don’t know about that.

My point is this. Some die and end in hell. There they will be re-united with their sins. That is why their guilt will remain. In this life they were forgiven because their sins had gone. But in death they follow the sins and thus reside in punishment.


One Response to “What happened to our sins?”

  1. Andre vd Merwe Says:

    Good word Jeremy

    Stomp on that Universalism trash! 😉

    In Grace

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