Cause of death removed

Let think about someone who was hanged to heath. The cause of death was the hangman’s noose. (OK in a sense the not breathing was the cause, so the noose is the cause of the cause. But can we stick to the analogy please)

The man is now dead. If we remove the cause of death, the man remains dead.

Let’s imagine we could resuscitate the man. Had we not removed the cause of death, he would die again quickly. But having removed the cause of death, he can live.

The cause of death is sin. Rom 3:23 5:12. Jesus removed the cause of death by taking all mankind’s sins and sending them away to hell. However, that cannot bring men back to life. It just removes the cause of death.

Had the cause of death not been removed, then having been made alive men would quickly die again since the sin that remained would bring death again. There lies the fallacy in church tradition that teaches that we have to keep repenting of our ongoing sins to remain forgiven. Were our ongoign sins an issue, we’d be dead again because sin is so toxic that it brings instant death.

Gen 2:17 says that in the day you eat of it you will surely die. Instant death. Not a death over a period giving time to remove the hangman’s noose and so live.

So how do we get life? John 1:12 to all who receive Jesus who believe in His name to them He gives the right to become sons of God.

In the bible a son of God is alive. A son of the devil is dead. Simple. So John 1:12 shows us that believing in Jesus is God’s chosen method to breathe life back into us.

Eph 2:1-10 explains this process of coming alive from death. In particular verse 5.

So again we see that all are forgiven. The cause of death removed.  But some remain dead and never actually receive the life that is availble to them.



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