Powerful anointing.

In the church the word anointing is often used to mean when you feel the Holy Spirit on something. But biblically the word actually means to be appointed to an office or task.

They were anointed to be prophets priests or kings in the OT. Once anointed, the Spirit would come upon them to empower them to fulfil their anointing. But this wasn’t the anointing itself.

In Luke 4:18 Jesus says the Spirit of the Lord is upon me BECASUE He has anointed me. So the anointing comes first and the Spirit comes after. Also Jesus says what His anointing was. To release captives and the oppressed, give sight to the blind and preach good news to the poor.

These are the only anointings Jesus ever had – and as any anointing we have is in Him, these are the only anointings we should ever seek.

The Spirit was on Jesus powerfully to enable Him to fulfil His anointing, but that isn’t the same as a ‘powerful anointing’. Anointings by their definition cannot have power.

So, if you hear a preacher and his message powerfully affects you, we can say the preacher was anointed to bring the message and that the Holy Spirit worked powerfully in me or us to renew our minds to the truth of it. And that as the man preached, rivers of living water were flowing out of his innermost being. What we are feeling is those rivers of the Holy Spirit flowing out of the messenger and into and around us.

Conclusion – we don’t lack either the Holy Spirit or anointing. So we don’t need to go searching for either. We just need to release that which we have already fully been given.


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