Hosanna by Michael card – a false gospel?

We have to test theology by the bible, not by the words of songs. Too often we accept the words of songs presuming them to be good theology. So we sing and sing them, and never notice the error we’re being taught.

Sometimes it’s explicit error and sometimes implied. Unfortunately this song has both. It also has some truth to be fair to the author, but we need to correct the serious error.

I see the king of glory coming on the clouds with fire – the whole earth shakes.

That could either be an Old Covenant experience or speak of the second coming. But we sing it like it’s about to happen, meaning a present move of God. In the context of the song that is clearly what is meant. But in the now – He has already come. Into us. So there is no further coming to wait for. He’s come love love the world having reconciled the world to himself at the cross 2 Cor 5:19.

I see his love and mercy washing over all our sin.

Again not correct teaching. Our sins are forgiven. Forgive in the freek is aphiemi which means to send away. Psalm 103 says far as east is from west he has removed our transgressions. So they’re not ‘washed over’. They are sent away.  According to 2 Cor 5:19 1 John 2:2 John 1:29 to name just three.

By referring to ‘our sin’ in the present tense, the song teaches that to the believer sin is a current problem. Now whilst much of christendom teaches that the believers sin remains a current problem until confessed and repented of, that is not the truth. It simply doesn’t make sense. Why? Because, for a start, when we’re saved, even if we do our best, there will be thousands of sins we don’t confess and many that we cannot stop doing simply because we don’t think they are sin.

Yet we say that the moment we’re saved we’re washed clean and all our sins forgiven. If we get a blanket forgiveness at that moment, how can it be otherwise as we live out our lives? This subject has been discussed at length in many places. Andrew Wommack has some of the best teaching on this subject, freely available on his website.

To move on, we sing

I see a near revival stirring as we pray and seek we’re on our knees.

We’ve been singing these words for over 4 years with this song and decades in other songs – but it’s always tomorrow and if it ever is today, it doesn’t last. So what’s going wrong? Let’s ask Jesus to speak. The fields are white for harvest – but the labourers are few. Why does Jesus say the harvest isn’t coming in – because we’re not out there getting it in. Why are we not out there? Because we’re told it’s not yet ready, but if we pray and seek then maybe God will change His mind and start moving.

This comes out of the mentality in a wide section of the church of waiting for God to move when Jesus told us to GO. Now Jesus did say that we should pray that the Lord of the harvest would send out harvesters – but do you think  Jesus intended us to keep praying, and get everyone who is saved to join our praying and seeking? Who then is to GO when we’ve all COME to the ‘house of god’.

We don’t need to pray and seek for something God has already provided. We need to GO with the Holy Spirit flowing out of our hearts as rivers of living water bringing refreshment to the world – not to the 24/7 prayer meeting.

Heal my heart and make it clean.

You have to be unsaved to sing that. EX 11:19 and 26:26 say we get a new heart when we’re saved. Paul refers to it as a new creation. We are those who ARE healed. We have been washed clean by the water, word, Spirit, blood. We ARE seated in heavenly places with Christ Eph 2:6. Only the clean are there.

This song is communicating that as believers our hearts get dirty and need re-cleaning. That is not what Paul teaches.

Open up my eyes to the things unseen – which things are already there. Like revival! Not near but here.

Show me how to love like you loved me.

Now that is nonsense. He showed us that by loving us. We’ve BEEN shown. We’re just don’t always do it. But these words imply that the problem is at God’s end. It’s not my fault – He’s not shown me enough, so I can’t help it. If He shows me again, I’ll do it. We don’t need showing how to love, we just need to be doers of the word instead of hearers. Stop asking to hear again and DO what you’ve heard.

To end it all we get the words – as I go from here to eternity. We enter the Kingdom of heaven and it comes into us the day we’re saved. So any believer is already in eternity.


One Response to “Hosanna by Michael card – a false gospel?”

  1. Jordan Says:

    I disagree with your interpretation, but it is well thought out. I am, however, leaving a comment to tell you that the song you are critiquing is not by Michael Card. Michael Card did write a song called Hosanna, but it was a very different song, about Jesus casting the merchants out of the temple. The song you’re talking about is by Hillsong United.

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