Is there too much emphasis on grace?

This may seem a strange question to some. But consider John 1:14 Jesus – full of grace and truth.

Then verse 17 contrasts the lw of Moses with ‘grace and truth‘.

Jesus said I am the way the truth and the life – not the way grace and the life.

He said you shall know the truth and truthshall set you free. Not grace.

So why so we see all these sites about grace, but none about truth? Do the ‘grace’ sites fail to tell truth? Of course not. But we need to teach the whole gospel. Now, usually, full gospel means I emphasise the bit that I think others miss out! I’m not interested in that kind of full!

Jesus taught about 2 men who build, once house stood the other fell. The moral of the story – be not only hearers of the word but doers. To re-phrase, faith on its own isn’t enough – you need to work it out. Or faith without works is dead.

Eph 2:10 says there are good works for us to do – which have already been determined for us to do.

Correctly the gospel is about the New covenant between God and Jesus which we benefit from by being in Jesus. Grace is a major part of this. But it is a part, not the whole.

To listen to some of my friends, you could think that they’re teaching grace as the whole message. Hopefully they’re not! But that is what comes over with a page like ‘grace folk’.

I fully agree that we need to understand grace and reject legalism. But we can accidentally rule out the works we are called to do in an effort to rest from our own works and religion.


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